The first ever underwear technology from Japan

With over 100 industrial designs, patented in Japan, USA, China, Korea and Europe

What are essential for good underwear?
Having no bad effects on body contours and minimizing stress.

The First Ever Underwear Technology from Japan

Toratani Co. Ltd. is a Japanese underwear manufacturer that offers ultimate apparel design technologies and sells underwear with the brand name Toratani. Toratani's cutting edge pattern technology creates the ultimate in body fitting underwear.

Toratani, from Japan, created and uses a patented 3D, or Super Cubic Cutting process in pattern construction. Essentially, enabling the design and creation of underwear, recreational wear and shape wear apparel that has outstanding comfort, contour body fit, and most importantly, prevents Panty Ride-up

The Toratani technology is the results of asking women, through many surveys, of many body types and over a wide range of ages, what they want from their intimate and recreational apparel. The results has led to the refinement of our technology processes to meet these expectations and wants from woman in search of stable, comfortable, supportive underwear or shape wear.

Toratani's apparel pattern construction is a combination of internationally patented technologies, categorized into three, in accordance with their features and the functions. They are: 
A - Patented technology for Preventing Panty Ride-Up
B - Patented technology for Preventing Roll-Up at the Hemline
C - Patented technology for Design Flexibility applicable to the 3D pattern construction

Highlights of Toratani Apparel Construction and Design

3D (Hemispherical) Construction
roundly covers and cups
Designed to bring
ultimate comfort
Cupping creates an
uplifting effect

Over 100 technique and design registrations patented internationally

The Toratani Super Cubic Pattern Cutting is patented in many countries. This patented process can be applied to different types of underwear, intimate apparel, recreational wear & sportswear and shape wear. In addition, Toratani has applied for more patents in other countries, than mentioned above. Furthermore, Toratani has registered several International Design Rights (including partial design rights). 

Patented in USA
No.6,463,591 B1 No.7,669,248 B2 No.7,861,323 B2
Patented in JAPAN
Patented in KOREA
Pantented in CHINA
Hong Kong No. HK1122707
Patented in EUROPE
No. 1159883No. 1836910

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